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Pricing & Details

Living Room Interior

Home & Office Organization

No matter the type of room, we are here to organize any space you have!

We will work with your needs, vision, timeline, and goals to intentionally transform your area into a space you love.

Service Includes:

In-person walk-thru, planning of your space, editing of your items, hands-on organization, coaching during session, and donation management (one carload per day).


Decluttering your home can transform your life! Let our team help! 

We will help you declutter/downsize and refresh your space by removing unwanted and unneeded items that we will donate to a local non-profit.

  • 1 car load per session

  • Donation coordination for larger items

Service Includes:

In-person walk-thru, planning of your space, editing of your items, donation management (one carload per day).

Smiling Asian woman putting her clothes in a box


Moving is hard and sometimes getting those boxes unpacked takes time and energy you don’t have.

We’re here to help! Let us help unpack and organize so you can enjoy your new space!

Service Includes:

In-person walk-thru, planning of your space, unpacking and organizing of items.

Space Refresh

Once we have helped bring organization to your space, don’t worry - we’re still here for you!

We will organize in a way that sets you up for future success. But sometimes it helps to have a monthly refresh to maintain your space. We are here to support you with monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly visits to ensure your space continues to work for you!

Service Includes:

Adjustments and refresh of a space we organized at a prior session.

Well Organized Closet
Trustworthy Family Operating System.png


Goodbye chaos, hello Family Operating System®. Trustworthy keeps your important information
protected, organized, and optimized so you can be prepared for all of life's moments and enjoy peace of mind.


As a Trustworthy Certified Expert™, we can assist you in getting your important family information digitally organized. Trustworthy is a single place to organize and protect all your important information and related critical tasks.

The Family Operating System® is designed to shield families and their advisors from breaches, identity theft, and other security threats. Protect important information with a platform that takes security and privacy seriously and complies with the most stringent industry standards for data confidentiality,
integrity, and availability.


Pricing varies depending on the project as this is a highly personalized offering.

Pricing & Packages


  • Hourly rate: $85 (2 hour minimum)

  • Session rate: $250 (includes 3 hours)


  • Stress Reducer: $775 (10 hours)

  • Peace of Mind: $1150 (15 hours)

  • Organized Bliss: $1525 (20 hours)

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